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Cornerstone Leadership

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A Little About Me...

Married with 7 children

Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, & Coach

17 Years in Facility and Property Management

2+ Years in Global Operations Support

2 Years Owner of The Project Done Company

Alumni of Brigham Young and Michigan State Universities

B.S. Facility & Property Mgt

M.S. Management, Strategy & Leadership

DISC Profile Certified

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The L's of my Life: 




and my Love


There's nothing more important 

Family - My family always comes first. They are my reasons for all I do every, single day. 

Faith - My faith informs my life decisions and grounds me.

Accountability - Ownership of all I do with all I do is paramount to living a fulfilled life that I desire. 

Continuous Improvement - I can and will always get better, one step at a time, one decision at a time. 

Creativity - The mind is an incredible place, and having space to let it explore and create is essential to fulfillment. 

Growth - If I'm not growing, I'm not living. The opportunities are endless for who I can become. "Limitless is [my] potential. Magnificent is [my] future." 

Integrity - There is nothing of higher value in my relationships with others as much as with myself. This is my compass. You can always do what's right. 

my mission

"Helping others lead themselves to purposeful, personal and professional success."